Artist Development Series Tip #18

“It’s great to sing about God, but how much better is it to sing to God?”

Some wise words here….

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If you are a Christian vocalist, have you thought about who you are singing to? Or why you sing? I have been singing all my life, but it wasn’t until God spoke to me about it that I understood the purpose and power in it. He told me one day, “When you sing to me, my heart goes pitter patter. Whatever I am doing, I will stop to listen to you praise me.” Do you realize that God gets joy when you sing to Him? Do you understand that singing isn’t just for you or the people in the pews? Scripture says that He dwells in the midst of our praise. A gifted praiser knows how to sing in front of thousands but makes you feel like you invaded their Throne Room time. It’s great to sing about God, but how much better is it to sing to God?

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