Life on the Rocks…

Let me tell you who God is. He’s marvellous, amazing, intimate, delightful. He teases me in extraordinarily loving ways; He shows me things that I’d never seen before. He holds me up when my knees are buckling under the pressure of whatever is happening in my life at that moment. He speaks to me in... Continue Reading →

10Kg of laziness…

A great many of us spend a lot of time, money and heartache in our bid to be lovable. But actually, Do we really need to try as hard as we do? I’ve now walked past him sixteen times. Through to the laundry, back to the kitchen, out to the studio, back to the laundry,... Continue Reading →

I know this... It is by Grace that I am saved, that today I don’t need to feel guilty or condemned, no matter how frustrated I get with my own failings. I have received His free gift of righteousness through faith in the saving blood of Jesus Christ. And I know that no matter how... Continue Reading →

While rummaging through old bits and pieces the other day, I bumped into this. I wrote it quite a few years ago for goodness knows what reason, and on rediscovering it, I thought I'd pass it on to you... It's all about long suffering other halves....  I have to say that after many years of... Continue Reading →

What does my being a Christian tell you about me? Christianity. It means so many things to so many different people. It means extremists murdering those who believe something else. It means boring Sunday services, in dusty churches that haven't seen change in hundreds of years. It means ritual, habit, or maybe happy-clappy and a... Continue Reading →

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