Where the Warriors Kneel.

After a fair old time of happy illusions, I’m coming to the slightly reluctant acceptance that I do actually look as old as I am. No more will I declare my age, expecting oohs and aahs of astonishment at how much younger I look than I claim to be. I might as well face the... Continue Reading →

Ivory Towers…

Thoughts behind the song ‘That Ain’t Livin'’,  from the album ‘Fears, Secrets and Lies’. Yesterday, stopping for an urgently needed call of nature at a motorway service station on the M4, I was assailed by a large poster of a cheerful young woman, confidently encouraging me to ‘follow the road to happiness’. Her ‘road to... Continue Reading →

You’re Not Coming Because of WHAT???!!!

Sometimes, running a big group of musicians, sorting out rehearsals, bookings, transport, loading, unloading and setting up of equipment, arrangement of new material, promotion and all the rest of it, can feel remarkably like high stakes plate juggling. Musicians quickly learn that they need to take their responsibilities, as members of a performing group that... Continue Reading →

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