How Much Are You Loved?

I suspect that the hardest ongoing battle that I have in my Christian life has to be my acceptance that I’m loved. Deeply, unquestioningly, unchangingly treasured. In fact, it is probably less of an ongoing battle that I have, and more of an ongoing battle that God has with me. So many times I have... Continue Reading →

Where The Warriors Kneel.

We live in a world where everyone has something to say about pretty much everyone. The news headlines are jam packed with comment on individuals and their actions; their failures, their successes, and of course, we are encouraged to decide whether we ‘like’ or ‘approve’ of  them from the perspective of our own lives.

Life on the Rocks…

Let me tell you who God is. He’s marvellous, amazing, intimate, delightful. He teases me in extraordinarily loving ways; He shows me things that I’d never seen before. He holds me up when my knees are buckling under the pressure of whatever is happening in my life at that moment. He speaks to me in... Continue Reading →

10Kg of laziness…

A great many of us spend a lot of time, money and heartache in our bid to be lovable. But actually, Do we really need to try as hard as we do? I’ve now walked past him sixteen times. Through to the laundry, back to the kitchen, out to the studio, back to the laundry,... Continue Reading →

Let’s do lunch…

We British have  one or two polite stock phrases readily to hand for those times when we want to say something, but don’t really have anything meaningful in mind at that moment. Apparently they are known as ‘phatic exchanges’. ‘Nice weather we’re having…’ is one, and ‘lovely day isn’t it?...’is another. Also ‘must do lunch... Continue Reading →

White Jackets…

I never cease to be amazed at how God loves to bless us. There are times that He comes through for us when we’re desperately in need – like when a single mum friend of mine couldn’t find the money for her severely damaged front door. A few church friends, who knew there was a... Continue Reading →

Big Knickers and Homework…

I have strong memories of my first few weeks of secondary school in Dorset. It was a girls' grammar school, my uniform was, for the moment, smart and new, and I still had a fresh faced optimism for such things as lesson timetables, back-breakingly heavy book bags and homework. How young I was. We had... Continue Reading →

Just next door around the world…

Just next door around the world... I’d like to introduce you to two of my children. Their names are Musa and Anahi and they are thirteen and eleven years old respectively. Musa lives in Tanzania with his Grandmother who is a subsistence farmer; his mother died of HIV/AIDS when he was seven years old, we... Continue Reading →

I know this... It is by Grace that I am saved, that today I don’t need to feel guilty or condemned, no matter how frustrated I get with my own failings. I have received His free gift of righteousness through faith in the saving blood of Jesus Christ. And I know that no matter how... Continue Reading →

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