Life on the Rocks…

Let me tell you who God is.

He’s marvellous, amazing, intimate, delightful. He teases me in extraordinarily loving ways; He shows me things that I’d never seen before. He holds me up when my knees are buckling under the pressure of whatever is happening in my life at that moment. He speaks to me in the night, delighting in me in ways that I cannot comprehend.

He reprimands me when I get above myself, encourages me when I’m on the verge of giving up, and holds me steady when my feet begin to stumble.

He loves to hear me tell Him EVERYTHING.

He’s always listening and He shows Himself in a million little coincidences every day.

There’s a breed of mountain goat indigenous to North America that can be found on the most extraordinarily vertical cliffs. When you spot them, they are not clinging desperately to the rock, anxiously choosing their next steps. They are just going about their daily business – they play, they find mates, they raise young, blissfully regardless of precipitous drops to inevitable injury and death.


Well, under my loving Father’s care, so can I be. My life is not without it’s own share of precipitous falls and craggy outcrops, but His hand is on me. I can breathe easy.

He is mysterious, astonishing, delightful. There is no shortage of people who tell me He doesn’t exist, but my experience tells me different on a daily basis.

I live most of my life on the rocks, but He is my loving God…

…My steady hand.

The thoughts behind the song ‘Steady Hand’ off the ‘Get out the Boat’ album.

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