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If you’re reading this, then congratulations – you have found pennylyon.com, the little corner of the internet where I share my musings on life, faith, music and God.

As you’ve no doubt worked out, I am Penny, a Cotswolds-based musician and writer of this blog. Together with my husband Kevin, and also, sometimes, our son James, I lead the Beacon Gospel Choir, a community choir we founded to bring the uplifting sounds of Gospel music to Gloucestershire and beyond. From there, Out of the Ashes was born: An original Christian and Gospel band, drawing on jazz, R&B, and blues with a ministry particularly focussed on those in the church who no longer fit into the church youth group (ok then, ‘grown ups!’) and a message that “…God ain’t done with you yet!”

We released our debut album, The Garden, in 2012, and our second album, Love Can Be A Bumpy Road, in 2015, Fear, Secrets and Lies and then Get Out The Boat. We have since seen our music appear across Christian radio in the UK and the USA. We are currently recording our fifth album ‘Where the Warioirs Kneel’.

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  1. Hi Penny. Many thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow. I really hope that you enjoy what you find at my cyber ‘summerhouse’. I have signed up to follow you back as I think you have a beautiful Christian ministry and testimony and I look forward to reading more here as you let your light shine out in this dark, lonely world.
    Lovely to meet you, God bless you and your household as we journey together in our walk 🙂


      1. Oh this is sad! this is sad! I am so sorry for my rudeness in taking so long to respond to your lovely comments, but do I dare admit that it took about a week for me to get enough of a grasp on the technology to work out that some kind person had followed us and been kind enough to make positive remarks! It then took a further two weeks to work out what buttons to press in order to respond… But… thank you very much! Great to be in touch with you and your blog. Xx


  2. I happened upon your blog, and have been reading. Were we separated at birth? No, I’m almost to 50, so that can’t be, but we share traits as well as a name. May we meet in Heaven someday, if not before, and sing together!


    1. What a lovely message! Thank you for introducing yourself. I have found that all ‘Penny’s / Pennies/ Pennys’ (well there’s an unexpected hole in my grammar!) seem to be strong, forthright women. I have little experience of other ‘Lyons’, but my siblings are all pretty fearsome…


  3. Hi,
    I’m the new House-for-Duty priest in Bussage, and your music blew me away. We are just organizing Alpha and similar outreach events to this area, and would love to work together in some way. Mike Clark


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