7. Pray That Prayer – Living with unanswered prayer

I was told the story of Dr John White, a Christian, who was travelling through the jungle collecting botanical specimens with a small team that included his young son. On the journey the young boy cut his foot and it became apparent that it was going to become infected if something wasn’t done quickly. Dr... Continue Reading →

6. Pray That Prayer – Encouraging people to pray

Encouraging one another to pray episode 6 I guess this program is probably the nub of why we decided to make the Pray that Prayer series. Kevin and I regularly go as a duo to play in exhausted churches where there are only twelve or fifteen people in their Sunday morning service. We go to... Continue Reading →

5. Pray That Prayer – Prayer for your Nation

Prayer for your Nation 5. I find it fascinating how readily we consign extraordinary answers to prayer as ‘coincidence’. Actually I find it frustrating and infuriating. Anyway, let’s talk about the Berlin Wall. This imposing Wall was built in 1961 by the German Democratic Republic (GDR). It cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany, and included East Berlin.... Continue Reading →

4. Pray That Prayer – Prayer for your community

Prayer for your community It is hard to look at the news without being appalled by some event in one of our cities. Last night in the UK, there was a shooting in Plymouth which left five people dead including one child. We hear of knife attacks, gang warfare, teenage girls being groomed for sex,... Continue Reading →

3. Pray That Prayer – Prayer for your church

Pray that Prayer – church In order to put this series together, finding stories about the prayer that has founded and sustained churches was not difficult; but getting the prayer warriors who had done the praying to tell those stories was remarkably difficult. I have come to the conclusion that the most courageous prayer warriors... Continue Reading →

1. Pray That Prayer – Personal Prayer

After two years of Covid lock down and no gigs, we’ve just started to get Out of the Ashes playing at some events. Yesterday we played with great delight on the main stage at Creationfest in Cornwall. In a time of uncertainty, the organisers have done an amazing job of welcoming as many people as... Continue Reading →

Who’s responsible for the mess we’re in?

'How can anyone believe in a loving God when there is so much suffering in the world?!' I’ve heard it said more times than I care to mention. I have friends who look me in the eye, shake their heads almost imperceptibly and ask me how someone who is clearly rational and intelligent can fall... Continue Reading →

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