Behind the music – You Gave Everything

It seems to be the human condition to want life to be fair. From an early age, our demand to be treated even handedly is overwhelming.

Last winter, I complained about the weather a lot. First of all, I complained about the amount of rain we were getting, and when the rain finally gave way to something a bit drier, and I took to wearing thermal everything and three pullovers, I complained about the cold. In fact, I am ashamed to admit that it was the middle of February before it finally dawned on me that if all I had to complain about was the weather, then life really couldn’t be that bad.

So… thank you Lord, I realise that’s everything I have comes from your grace, thank you that I have somewhere warm to sleep at night, I have far more than enough to eat and my child is safe, healthy and well educated. Thank you that when I turn a tap in my house, clean water comes out (hot or cold according to choice), and then I can add to this friends, family, spring mornings and daffodils, good books, romantic films, lunch in the pub, laughter, singing… In fact, thank you Lord that my life isn’t fair at all, thank you for all of my undeserved good fortune through you. And most importantly of all Lord, thank you for giving your life for me so that I might be saved and live in the confidence of being one of your children.

I hope that our song You Gave Everything speaks for itself… How, with all I have mentioned before, can I not give everything I have in joyful service to my Lord and Father?

You Gave Everything was the second single we released, and has found its way onto radio in the US and Australia as well as the UK.

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