To Brave Women Who Went Before Me…


I have grown up in an environment that has allowed me to believe in, and hope for the best from my life.

I was educated to a standard that taught me to make the best of my opportunities and that dreams and ambitions are as acceptable in a woman as they are in a man. I was taught that if I didn’t want to have children, then that is ok, and I was taught that both men and women are equally responsible for raising, loving and celebrating our children. I was taught that I have a voice, and that it’s ok for it to be heard.

Most of the women who taught me these things, were not living in a society that allowed them to enjoy those freedoms themselves… they just dreamed for me.

So I would like to thank my mother, my old headmistress, and a number of teachers along the way, who, those who are still alive, now get the chance to watch me, and other women like me enjoy freedoms that, for their own lives, they wouldn’t have dared to wish for…

I’m so sorry you missed out, in your own lives, on the liberation you gave me… I salute your courage, your determination and, probably, the loneliness your courage imposed on you.


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