Old Year Out…

 Here we are in the middle of January, and I’ve had a couple of weeks to look back on some of the things that came out of 2015. There was some really exciting stuff that happened, and it looks as though there is going to be some even more exciting stuff in 2016. But sometime it’s worth considering – not just what happened – but what we actually learnt.

So here’s a bit of a list:

1. How to make cakes and bread, using organic spelt flour, rather than wheat flour; which means that Jamie, Kevin and I are all eating the same thing, and no-one is getting stomach problems. Wey-hey!

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

2. How to use my on-line bank account. Kevin’s been trying to get me to do this for years, and it really has taken until 2015.

3. That when I engage with it, The Bible is not boring and irrelevant. Having taken on ‘Bible in One Year’ last year, (which, I have to confess, is going to be ‘Bible in a year and about three weeks’ due to rather a slow start), I am amazed at how compelling it has become, and how God speaks to me through it.

4. It is much easier to be kind and more gracious to other people (even when they are behaving badly) if I keep remembering how extraordinarily kind God has been to me, and continues to be every day – even when I’m behaving badly…

Bible, Religion, Dust.

5. Teenagers can still be a delight. (Thank you, James, for this particular lesson).

6. When I obey God, and am used to bring healing into someone else’s life, it comes right back at me, and brings unexpected healing into my life.

7. The joy of The Holy Spirit will fill my life at every moment of the day, as long as I keep inviting Him in and making Him feel welcome.File 15-01-2016, 15 48 40

8. That running vocal workshops with the choir is both something I can do, and is thoroughly enjoyable for all concerned.

9. Having a new kitten in the house is great fun – I’m not sure… maybe I knew that one already, but had just forgotten it. Welcome Cato.

10. That age is no barrier to God’s plan, and God has an exciting and fulfilling plan for all of us. We just have to be available… and to trust Him.



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