Hope in your backyard…

Hope in your backyard…

Sometimes it can be really hard to raise significant amounts of money for local causes; for two reasons, the first being that we don’t tend to be very good at seeing what’s in our back yard, and the second being that we struggle to believe that someone who lives just a few miles away from us can be any more needy than us. This problem is amplified when the cause in question is in Cheltenham in the UK, because everyone sees Cheltenham as being affluent. But it has pockets that are among the 10% most deprived in England; areas where the hardship is exacerbated by the fact that because of the area where those people live, they are assumed to be well off and therefore ’OK’.

Due to their social circumstances, some children in these areas can start life in a negative spiral. A child can start his or her school life vulnerable in one way or another, and as time passes it becomes harder and harder for them to fit in and enjoy learning. It can become increasingly difficult for many parents as they try to support their child and get through whatever problems may arise.

The Rock is a Christian initiative in Cheltenham that was set up to enable and re-engage children who, in one way or another have become stuck on the periphery of family, school or community life. Objectives are varied according to the needs of each child, or, indeed, in certain situations, the needs of a whole school; for example helping children find learning a positive experience, assertiveness without anger, social integration, dealing with bullying, and dealing with the inadequacies that lead to bullying. Where necessary, The Rock also provides an essential communication ’bridge’ between parents, pupils and schools – gradually, self sufficient communication becomes a reality.

Children are developed from being on the point of total exclusion to becoming an asset to the school and home community. Their futures are thereby saved. Lives are transformed.

Simple Christian love and values – young lives given hope and changed for the better.

In a weeks time (Saturday 29th March), Out of the Ashes and the Beacon Gospel Choir are going to be performing in St Matthews Church, Cheltenham in aid of The Rock. If you can be there, we’d love to see you.

Tickets are available from the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham on 01242 572573. Doors open 7:30pm.

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