Christmas and Motherhood

The first song that Kevin and I ever wrote together was this, a track appropriate for this time of year:

The lyrics come from a place of thinking not just about the birth of Christ, but about my own experiences as a parent.

I’ve only had one child and I am daily astonished by what a delight he is to me. However, as another parent once said, you worry. From the moment they come out until the moment (I suspect) that I will shuffle off this mortal coil, I continue to worry over one thing or another, some undeniably scary, some absurdly trivial.

When, in the bible, we catch brief snapshots of the mother of Christ and her relationship with Jesus, I can’t help wondering about what really went on and how most mothers would have reacted in similar circumstances. How astounded must she have been as she witnessed the first miracles? How did she feel as his extraordinary wisdom unfolded? And did she long to beg him not to ’wind up’ the Pharisees and the Saducees, and other people of influence? And, the big question, Was she prepared to submit to God’s will over Christ’s ultimate trial and crucifixion with the same humility that he did?

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