Behind the Music… Nothing Can Stop Me

I can tell when my ten year old son is lying to me. He finds the fact that I possess this remarkable talent quite extraordinary, but, I know that I am no different from any other mother. When he can’t look me in the eye, I know that he is ashamed.

The strange thing that I learn from this is that it is exactly how I behave before my Lord God. Whenever I become conscious of my own shortcomings, when I realise I have let him down… I withdraw. I am afraid to allow My God to look me in the face, because I know he’ll see my deceit and I will have to face my shame. But just as I can look into the tearful face of my son and know that I will always love him, no matter what, I know that God can see into zthe worst recesses of my deepest, darkest secrets and still loves me regardless.

Just as I would say to my beloved boy, so is God saying to me “There is nothing, absolutely nothing that you can do that will stop me from loving you.”

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