Life on the Rocks…

Let me tell you who God is. He’s marvellous, amazing, intimate, delightful. He teases me in extraordinarily loving ways; He shows me things that I’d never seen before. He holds me up when my knees are buckling under the pressure of whatever is happening in my life at that moment. He speaks to me in... Continue Reading →

Where the Warriors Kneel.

After a fair old time of happy illusions, I’m coming to the slightly reluctant acceptance that I do actually look as old as I am. No more will I declare my age, expecting oohs and aahs of astonishment at how much younger I look than I claim to be. I might as well face the... Continue Reading →

10Kg of laziness…

A great many of us spend a lot of time, money and heartache in our bid to be lovable. But actually, Do we really need to try as hard as we do? I’ve now walked past him sixteen times. Through to the laundry, back to the kitchen, out to the studio, back to the laundry,... Continue Reading →

Ain’t that the Truth?

Salt should season right, ain’t that the truth?  The thoughts behind our song ‘Ain’t That The Truth?’ Recently, Kevin and I made some new friends, an inevitable and thoroughly enjoyable result of touring with our music; but this time we met someone I really need to tell you about. We were invited to take part in... Continue Reading →

Caught in a Lie…

 I’ve met the guy several times, bought him a coffee and a bacon sandwich, and had a chat with him. He seems like a nice enough guy, tells me that he was in the army and pensioned out after injury, tells me that he’s made mistakes and got what he deserved, but that he’s sorted... Continue Reading →

Let’s do lunch…

We British have  one or two polite stock phrases readily to hand for those times when we want to say something, but don’t really have anything meaningful in mind at that moment. Apparently they are known as ‘phatic exchanges’. ‘Nice weather we’re having…’ is one, and ‘lovely day isn’t it?...’is another. Also ‘must do lunch... Continue Reading →

What are you afraid of?…

As I was reading my Bible this morning, I read the words spoken by Jesus to His disciples in John chapter 16, verse 11: “God has already judged the ruler of this world”. I realised with greater clarity than I’ve had before, that in populating the world, our Lord created a democracy. He created a... Continue Reading →

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